Science for America finds two promising approaches to fusion power

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May 12, 2023. Science for America released a report, “New Opportunities for Fusion Power,” which lays out two approaches for fusion power with the potential to speed progress, decrease cost, and simplify engineering challenges and might both be tested efficiently on a single, shared “demonstration system.”
       SfA brought together scientists and technologists to explore whether recent scientific advances reveal promising paths that have received too little attention to date. They identified two designs: a Magnetic Igniter, which may achieve fusion ignition much more efficiently than current laser-based designs, and a Sweet-Spot Burner, which aims to create small, inexpensive fusion systems. The report aims to jumpstart research and commercialization efforts on both, to accelerate fusion as a clean, affordable, scalable power source.
       SfA invites input on the report and plans to publish a final version later in 2023. Please send comments to:

Science for America launches with support from nine leading philanthropic organizations

May 20, 2022. Science for America was launched today with support from some of the nation’s leading philanthropic individuals, initiatives, and organizations, who have joined together in an unprecedented alliance. Science for America is a “solutions incubator” that aims to help solve urgent challenges in climate and energy, health and medicine, STEM equity and education, critical technologies, and new models of innovation. Possible solutions may include creation of projects, initiatives, shared facilities, coalitions, companies, prizes, and advocacy efforts.
      Science for America will bring together scientists and technologists and work with partners across sectors to identify potential game-changing solutions to urgent challenges, in the US and around the world; develop clear vision, strategy and execution plans; and ensure the launch and success of those solutions, by incubating them to an appropriate stage.